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Cardamom the queen of all spice as old as human race. It is one of the high priced spice in the world.

 We  are  manufacturer and exporter of CARDAMOM . We have our own plantation (Farm) of cardamom . It is the dried fruit of a herbaceous  perennial plant. Warm humid , loamy soil rich in organic matter , distributed rainfall and special cultivation and processing methods all combine to make Indian Cardamom truly unique- in aroma, flavor ,size and it has parrot green colour . It has well established culinary values , and it is used in wide range of sweets and confectionary.


Cardamom is commonly named in INDIA as a “ Elaichi “  , Cardamom scientific name is Ellataria Cardamom  . Though it is most popurly used as a herbal spice , which is added in dishes to provide a strong  aroma but in ayurveda it is consider to de a very useful and effective medicine . In ayurvedic texts cardamom is refferede to as “ELA” .


The Harvester starts harvesting at the base of each steam and move up the steam, taking off any cardamom that easily fall of without pilling. The cardamoms that do not fall off easily should be left on the plant to ripen.

When cardamom is removed from steam after that within 12 hours cardamom is dried in curing house, using wood to provide the heat. This method puts a huge demand on firewood. The fire is leaked out of the curing house by the way of pipes.


BOLD : Popular export grade 90% and above cardamom will be having 6.5mm and above dia.

SUPER BOLD : A very special variety. All cardamom will be matured greenish and having above 8mm dia
EXTRA BOLD : Best in the export market. All cardamom will be matured greenish and having 7mm and above dia.

BULK : This is the grade of cardamom produced as it is . This grade will contain all sizes.

Contact Details ::
Managing Director G.Mohandass
Contact Number 09003822555
E-Mail dass@lintasexports.com
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